The Customer is a Indian private diversified business. Started as a manufacturer of raw materials of different medicines, the company now promotes itself as a one of the largest supplier of medicinal raw materials.


Striving to attract new clients and increase the loyalty of the existing ones, the Customer is continually expanding the scope of online services. Therefore, the company needed long-term professional maintenance of its IT infrastructure to increase the quality and achieve sustainability of online services. With that in mind, the company chose remote IT infrastructure maintenance services by Mastiff’s team of certified ICT professionals.


The project engages 5 ICT support specialists, some of them are involved on a part-time basis. In compliance with ITIL standard recommendations, IT infrastructure support services are provided by the 2nd and 3rd line support specialists during the Customer’s business hours. The Customer’s in-house IT specialists are responsible for the 1st line support.

According to SLA, Mastiff’s specialists support 28 IT infrastructure elements and provide corresponding services.

IT infrastructure elements

  • Servers and server hardware
  • Databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Pervasive SQL, Sybase SQL Anywhere)
  • LANs and WANs
  • Antivirus and antispam systems
  • Virtualization systems (VMware 7.1, and 40 Windows Servers)
  • Communication systems (MS Exchange and MS Lync systems)
  • MS SharePoint platform
  • Backup systems (Symantec BackupExec and Veeam Backup & Replication)
  • 20 internal infrastructure services (including Active Directory, DHCP, DNS and VPN)

Support services

For servers and server hardware, databases, antivirus and antispam, virtualization, communication, backup systems, SharePoint and internal infrastructure services, we provide:

  • Configuration
  • Monitoring and regular system administration
  • Performance tuning
  • Backup and recovery management
  • Incident management
  • Documentation management

For LANs and WANs, we provide:

  • Configuration management
  • Bandwidth and response time management
  • Logging and regulation of network resource usage
  • Access management


Long-term collaboration between Mastiff’s ICT specialists and the Customer still continues. Leaving its IT infrastructure in the hands of our certified professionals, the Customer escapes such common problems as frequent network outages, repeated breakdown of critical resources, security breaches and the accumulation of unstructured data. Addressing these challenges, in its turn, ensures flawless performance of the Customer’s IT services.

Technologies and Tools

Zabbix 2, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, Jira